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Yarn for all!

Interested in advertising with us? Excellent! However, advertising slots are not available at this time, and will not be available until later when we will have much more data to base our rates on!

If, however, you are an independent crochet designer selling your own designs, you can submit a design to be considered for (FREE) inclusion in the Premium Pattern Catalog. The Premium Pattern Catalog is a feature in which we showcase the best of independent crochet design available for purchase. (I’m sorry, we cannot accept designs that are being marketed by a major website or company, only ones being sold by the person who designed them.) In addition, patterns included in the Catalog may not be published or shown anywhere prior to the first day of the month Crochetvolution is released. Please understand: we cannot accept designs that have already published or that will be published before the issue is released. Submissions for inclusion in the Spring 2012 Catalog may be received as late as January 29, 2011 but may be published no earlier than February 1, 2011 to coincide with the release of the issue.

How can I give you a url if the pattern hasn’t been published yet?

There are several ways to manage this. First, you could give me the url to your pattern store instead of a specific pattern. Secondly, if you maintain your own webspace, you can provide the url that you will assign the pattern upon publication. If you sell your patterns through Ravelry, you can predict the url that will be provided upon uploading. Patterns added to the Ravelry database always have the url ‘’ If there is another pattern of the same name in the database it will be added as (pattern-name)-2.

Finally, if you need to change the url in the PPC after publication of your pattern, please send me an email and I will correct it.

If you would like to have your design considered for the Premium Pattern Catalog, please send an email to the editor and title it “Spring PPC: PatternName.” Please include:

  1. Your name as you wish it to be published
  2. The name of your design
  3. The price of the design
  4. The url where crocheters will be able to purchase your design
  5. At least one attractive, high quality photo no less than 640 pixels wide. (Please attach your photo to the email as a separate file. Large, high quality JPG files are best.)

Please copy and paste the following text into your message, then sign it by typing your name and the date.

By submitting this photograph for inclusion in Crochetvolution, I certify that I am the copyright holder and the original creator of this work, and that I have the right to authorize its publication. To my knowledge, I have not infringed on anyone’s copyright or intellectual property in the creation of this work. I also agree to hold Crochetvolution and all associated with it harmless from any and all expenses, losses, liabilities, damages, or third-party claims that may arise from any infringement or violation of such intellectual property rights. I hereby grant my permission for my photograph to be published in Crochetvolution in its current form and any future format in perpetuity.

Thank you for participating, and I look forward to seeing your work!

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