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Crochetvolution Spring 2012A Letter from the Editor


Crochet Showcase

Can I Use a Different Yarn?

Crochet in History: Queen Victoria


Morpho Shawlette

Crocus Cloche

Snowdrop Shawl

Lacey Japanese Lantern

Kirei Sakura Hair Flowers

Baby Belle

Duck Pond Playset

Spring Blossom Hat

Rosette Headband

Sunrise Slip Stitch Shawl

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3 Responses to “Contents”

  1. margaret o' sullivan says:

    Hi, just wondering if the instruction in the patterns featured are in american crochet as opposed to european instrcutions ?

  2. barbara roll says:

    i am looking for the pattern cheri mc ewen made by sandy gold that was
    shown in the june 2012 issue. it is supose to be simple, and i am
    just learning.
    thanks so much. enjoy work newsletter and plan to do much more volunteer work

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