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Garden Party Clutch by Julia Schwartz

Garden Party Clutch

by Julia Schwartz Photos: Julia Schwartz Difficulty: Intermediate One day I was looking through a magazine that had a crochet clutch in it. It was priced at 250 dollars. I was speechless and surprised at such a price. I knew I could design and make one that looked very similar and that it would only […]

So, You Want to Sell Crochet Patterns by Melissa Mall

How to Sell Your Crochet Patterns

by Melissa Mall If you’ve started creating your own designs in crochet, the thought has probably crossed your mind at least once – is there some way that I can make money off of this? After all, there is a booming online crafting economy, and you do good work. There has to be some way […]

Pineapples for Everyone by Marie Segares

Pineapples for Everyone Shawl

By Marie Segares Photos: Matthew Champagne Model: Marie Segares Difficulty: Intermediate I love the pineapple motif. During the holiday season, I like to make customized versions of the same design for several people on my gift list. It makes it easier for me to remember the pattern but I can also create something special and […]

Spring Blossom Hair Clips by Darlene Hopkins

Spring Blossoms Hair Clips

By Darleen Hopkins Photos: Darleen Hopkins The idea for flower clips came to me while I was making a Christmas gift for my 9 year old niece. I had just finished a hat and scarf set for her and wanted to make something with the leftover yarn. These adorable Flower Clips will brighten any little […]

The Origins of Tunisian Crochet by Melissa Mall

The Origins of Tunisian Crochet

by Melissa Mall Tunisian (or ‘afghan’) crochet is a somewhat less-popular method of crocheting that shares some characteristics with knitting. It is generally worked with a hook that is elongated – often with a stopper on the end – because, unlike conventional crochet, the hook has to hold multiple stitches at once. So who invented […]

Quick No-Slip-ers by Melissa Mall

Quick No-Slip-ers

By Melissa Mall Model: ‘Max’ Photos: Melissa Mall My kids always want me to make them slippers when the weather is chilly, but they always end up slipping on the tile floors. Since that got old really quick, I came up with a way for them to have homemade slippers without all the slipping. They’re […]

August Cowl by Ryan Hollist

August Cowl

By Ryan Hollist Photos: Matthew Champagne Model: Marie Segares Difficulty: Easy The August Cowl is a Mobius, worked in the round using double-ended Tunisian crochet – a perfect, simple project for tackling that skill if you haven’t tried it before. The differing colors and textures of the yarns used display the twists of the Mobius […]

Twisted by Cheri McEwen


By Cheri McEwen Photos: Cheri McEwen Difficulty: Intermediate I was looking through a fashion magazine one day and was struck by an image of twisted ribbons on a haute couture dress. After sitting and thinking about it for awhile, I figured out a way to twist bands of crochet into a similar shape as the […]

Terrible Crochet Jokes

What do you call the steps it takes to crochet a project? A chain of events! * What’s the best Halloween costume for a crocheter? Captain Hook! * Why did the crocheter join a dating service? She wanted to get en-gauge-ed! * Why did the sheep stop going to bars? She didn’t like getting carded! […]

Baby Shower Vest by Melissa Mall

Baby Shower Vest

By Melissa Mall Photos: Melissa Mall Oh…that baby shower…is tonight? You don’t have to admit defeat! This simple little vest lets the yarn do the heavy lifting and lets you focus on crocheting – fast! This took 2 hours from the first chain to the last button (and I wasn’t even late to the party…) […]

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