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Rose Petal Shawlette by Melissa Mall

Rose Petal Shawlette

All too often, designs crocheted with bulky yarn can turn out thick, chunky, and even stiff. By using a large hook, though, bulky yarn is transformed into something light and lacy that loses none of its coziness. Only a single skein of yarn and basic crochet stitches are needed to create this sweet shawlette, making it a great gift.


Crochet Showcase

Welcome once again to the Crochet Showcase, the place where we show everyone the amazing things you have made with your hooks. (Would you like your work to be here? Visit the submission requirements!)

Trouble in the Stash by Melissa Mall

Unusual Suspects: Trouble in the Stash

Do you ever wonder why – no matter how much yarn you may have – so much of it seems useless when you’re actually looking for something to use? Why is it that everything at the store seems so much more exciting than the yarn at home?


Premium Pattern Collection

Life is tough for the independent crochet pattern designer, and it can be hard for crocheters to find new, independent designs. That’s why I’m delighted to introduce the Premium Pattern Collection in this issue! Featured here are patterns created and sold by independent designers and brought here for you to see.

Freeform Afghan #2 by Carlyn Clark

5 Tips for Getting Started in Freeform Crochet

There are many different ways to approach crochet. You can approach it with a fashion mindset or with a craft perspective, for example. No matter which way you choose to approach it, your crochet work will benefit from adding an artistic slant to it now and then. One fabulous way to free up the artist inside and get those creative juices flowing is to explore freeform crochet.

Crochet Clockwork by Cheri McEwen

Crochet Clockwork

By Cheri McEwen Photos: Cheri McEwen Difficulty: Intermediate I have always loved the look of Stephen West’s knitting designs. I wanted to take his ideas and translate them into crochet. I contacted him and asked if it would be okay to try and he gave me his blessing to do so. This is my interpretation […]

Crochet Season by Bonnie Irene

Crochet Season

by Bonnie Irene After such a hot summer, it was a wonderful feeling the other day to wake up just a little bit cooler than normal. That’s right: autumn was coming. Even though it’s still sunny out, there’s that telltale hint of a chill in the air, and as a crocheter, I had that annual […]

Hot Button Beret by Melissa Mall

Hot Button Beret

By Melissa Mall Model: Melissa Mall Photos: ‘Greg’ To add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe this winter, why not make this easy, playful beret styled like a button? The ‘holes’ and ‘threads’ are simple pieces sewn onto a straightforward beret after it is finished, making it a cinch to whip out – but […]

Pom-posity by Melissa Mall


By Melissa Mall Model and Photos: Melissa Mall Difficulty: Easy What is it about pom-poms that make them so irresistible? The lure is irrational. They don’t do anything: they’re just big, poofy balls of fluff, like dandelions or tribbles or kittens or….okay, I guess I can see the appeal. Pom-posity is a long, narrow, colorblocked […]

Isabeau by Melissa Mall


By Melissa Mall Model and Photos: Melissa Mall Difficulty: Beginner An unadorned headband gathered into a bow is a sweet and feminine way to keep your ears warm this winter. The simple slip-stitches that make up the design create a smooth, elastic, knit-like fabric without any fuss, and the color changes in the yarn add […]

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