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15 Fabulous Gifts for Crocheters

Wish List 2013

Not sure what to ask for this year aside from yarn? (Or, alternatively, are you shopping for a crocheter with no idea of what to buy for them because all they said was, “No, seriously, buy me yarn”?)

Dear Granny by Anastacia Zittel

Dear Granny

Traditional simplicity has a beauty all its own. This granny square bag comes in two sizes and can be done in any color combination, making it versatile as well as practical and beautiful.

The Year There Was Yarn for Christmas by Crochey Day

The Year There was Yarn for Christmas

I didn’t want to do it, but I did. Every time I went to the store, buying the groceries that we could only afford because of food stamps, I found myself going through the Christmas aisles.

Snowflake Beret by Anastacia Zittel

Snowflake Beret

Get ready for winter with a snowflake of your own! Worked from the top down in a stunning pattern that radiates from the center, it looks beautiful in a white or light colored yarn – although it would be gorgeous in a darker shade, as well!

'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Melissa Mall

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, two-thirty A.M.,
And my hook and yarn flew as I circled a hem;
The stockings were finished, except for the last,
But the time for regretting my choices had passed!

A Letter from the Editor

Photo credit: Martin Sojka .. www.VisualEscap.es / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA For once it seems the seasons are ticking right along the way they should. I don’t know about you, but here at my house it’s getting colder and chillier and the trees are a lot barer than they were last week. Winter is coming! […]

Yarn Basket Ornament by Melissa Mall

Yarn Basket Ornament

By Melissa Mall Photos: Melissa Mall Even the tiniest scraps of leftover yarn can be given new life as part of this miniature yarn basket ornament! It could be used as a way to display scraps from favorite or special projects from the past, or just as a great way to acknowledge your love of […]

Recreated Openwork by Cheri McEwen

Recreated Openwork

By Cheri McEwen Photos: Cheri McEwen A little over a year ago, a friend showed me a shawl made by her aunt. The aunt had passed away, but the shawl remained. It was an interesting stitch pattern that she wanted recreated in order to pass in on to others. I was able to recreate the […]

Making Toys that Turn Out by Melissa Mall

Making Toys that Turn Out

by Melissa Mall Pattern is “Happy Little Mushroom” by Melissa Mall Toys are great fun to crochet, but it can be frustrating when the results of your efforts don’t turn out anything like the picture. Here are some tips to help your toys turn out looking beautiful and professional every time! 1. Follow the Directions […]

Lullaby Cardigan by Melissa Mall

Lullaby Cardigan

By Melissa Mall Photos: Melissa Mall What’s the best way to show how excited we are about a new baby? Crochet! When I was designing this sweet little cardi, I wanted to make something that was fast and easy, but pretty. Add a lovely bit of ribbon and you have a simply elegant gift for […]

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