‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

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by Melissa Mall

'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Melissa Mall
Photo credit: Jill Clardy / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

‘Twas the night before Christmas, two-thirty A.M.,
And my hook and yarn flew as I circled a hem;
The stockings were finished, except for the last,
But the time for regretting my choices had passed!

My husband had fallen asleep hours before,
When I said that to finish was ‘just a bit more;’
So he nodded and snored as I wove in my ends,
And I sewed up some seams – still with time, let’s pretend.

I was sewing on buttons – they weren’t my first choice –
When I heard a slow step and a work-wearied voice.
“Oh no, not another one!” Santa Claus cried.
“This is the reason I’m so far behind!”

He picked up some yarn with a grumble and grump
And made a few pompoms, so fluffy and plump.
In only a minute he’d finished them all,
And began to attach them to hats large and small.

Next he turned to the afghan, three granny squares shy
Of completion – minus seams. I heard St. Nick sigh.
More rapid than eagles his needle it flew
As he assembled the squares once those were done, too.

“Now, Divine! Seraphina! Round Ripple and BICO!
The time has arrived to finish this show!
To the top of the stash! to the top of the heap!
So I can get finished and go home to sleep!”

Now you may not believe me, but I swear it’s true,
Those projects got up and to St. Nick they flew;
One after another they leapt to his hands
And it started to look like we’d fulfill my plans.

And then, in a twinkling, the projects were done
Though the clock swore it was only two-forty-one.
With my hand to my head I watched him in a dream,
As he looked at the presents, his eyes all agleam.

He picked up the gifts and said, “Well, this won’t do.
These need to be wrapped, and have ribbons on, too!”
With paper and tape, they were wrapped in a twinkle
Without any noise but the quietest crinkle.

Now St. Nick was all smiles, he hummed happily
As he tucked all the packages under the tree.
He turned next to the stockings and noticed one lacking,
Then saw I forgot it, my jaw wide and slacking.

He spoke not again, took the stocking I held,
And wove in the end, and then got them all filled,
And giving a wink so I’d know what he meant,
And waving goodbye, up the chimney he went!

He jumped in his sleigh and took off like a dart,
And I wanted to shout out the thanks in my heart.
But I heard him exclaim, before I made a peep,

About the Author
Melissa Mall Melissa Mall is an at-home mom with four sons and a girl on the way! They have settled in to a quiet (or “quiet,” if you like) rural life in Missouri and are enjoying doing things like gardening and keeping chickens in the backyard. You can keep up with their ordinary adventures over at her blog, or take a peek at her crochet patterns and tutorials at Inner Child Crochet.

Article © Melissa Mall. All rights reserved.

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  1. I love this!

    This year I’ve vowed to start my Christmas crafting early. I’m going to start the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    I know, I know; but why break with tradition?

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