Crochet Showcase

Welcome once again to the Crochet Showcase, where everyone gets to see what you’ve been making with your hooks! (Would you like your work to be here? Visit the submission requirements to see how to submit a photo!)

Happy Puppy Hat crocheted by Darleen Hopkins

Darleen Hopkins crocheted this Happy Puppy hat for Miss Caroline, with a pink bow to make it extra sweet. Caroline LOVES dogs and she loves hers so much that she actually crawls into the dog’s crate to sit with her! You can find the pattern for this hat here, and view more of Darleen’s work here.

Crocheted Shoes by Mrs. Catherine Boshego “I crochet shoes, bags and others, but shoes are my favourite,” writes Mrs. Catherine Boshego, from South Africa. “I don’t follow any pattern, just crochet.”
Crocheted Shoes made by Mrs. Catherine Boshego

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  1. Lovely shoes! What do you use for the bases? I live in Egypt so might have problems finding soles. I have some lovely vintage patterns for shoes but might have to make my own soles! If I could make all of my own clothes I would be happy!
    Great Pictures and what a cute child! Bet that hat keeps her warm in winter! lovely!

    • Sorry it took me so long to answer you. I did not even know my shoes were shown here. But the soles we use, we buy. There is different types and sizes.

  2. Cute shoes! What kind of soles do you use? If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. I’m always trying to find good soles for my shoes projects but I can never find good grip soles. I’m still a crochet beginner so any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

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