A Letter from the Editor

A Letter from the EditorHello everyone, and welcome to the second issue of Crochetvolution! Are you excited? I am! The response after the launch of the first issue was just overwhelming. Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words of support, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Many, many hours go into producing something like this, both mine and those of our contributors, and it is so satisfying when that hard work is appreciated and – even more – when it is of use to someone else.

This time there are more patterns, more articles, more contributors, and more features than the first issue, and in my opinion that means it can only be better. There’s something for crocheters with a wide range of interests; whether you’re considering dabbling in freeform crochet or you want a simple way to practice cables, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a bit of humor and a charted wrap! And there’s much, much more, of course.

Now remember, if you like what you see and you want to participate, send in your submissions! Whether you’re a designer, a writer, a crocheter who’s proud of your work, or you are a designer selling your patterns independently, we have room for you. It’s with crocheters like you that we will grow into the best crochet webzine on the net!

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