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Calypso Necklace by Melissa MallBy Melissa Mall

Model and Photos: Melissa Mall

Too hot outside to work on that afghan? Pull out some beads and hemp (or thread, if that’s what you’ve got) and spend a pleasant half-hour making yourself a new necklace. It’s quick and fun, and once you get the hang of crocheting the beads on, you may suddenly think of a lot of other things you’d like to crochet with beads! (I know I did!)

Difficulty: Beginner

Size: Adjustable; 28″ as written.


  • Approx. 5 yds 1mm hemp cord (fingering yarn or thicker crochet thread may be substituted)
  • B/1 (2.25mm size) hook
  • 15 assorted beads, with holes large enough to fit over your crochet hook with a little room to spare.

Gauge: 5 ch = approx. 1″ in length. You may need to adjust your tension or your hook to match this. If your chains are tighter than this, adding extra chains

Calypso Necklace by Melissa Mall

Special Stitch: Add bead: Insert hook through bead; yarn over, pull through bead and loop on hook. Yarn over, pull through loop on hook. (This should attach the bead to your cord with one strand on each side of it.)


Make sure your initial slipknot leaves you with a tail 4-6″ long.

Chain 15, add bead. [Ch 5, add bead] 5 times. [Ch 3, add bead] 4 times. [Ch 5, add bead] 5 times, ch 15. Finish off, leaving a tail of yarn 4-6 inches long.

Tie beginning and end together securely, placing the knot as close to the chains as possible. Trim ends of knot, enjoy!

About the Designer
Melissa Mall
Melissa Mall is an at-home mom with four sons eight and under. They have just completed yet another transcontinental move – hopefully it will be their last!!! You can keep up with their ordinary adventures over at her blog, or take a peek at her crochet patterns and tutorials at Inner Child Crochet.

Pattern & images © Melissa Mall. All rights reserved.

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