The Lone Bootie

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The Lone Bootie by Lorel Box

Once, many years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful little boy. He was born in the deep heat of an Arkansas summer and we lived in a mobile home with no air conditioning, but he was strong and healthy, so all was good.

On his first trip to church I dressed him in a beautiful little blue outfit, and everyone fussed over him. The older ladies cooed and cuddled and passed him around – then one elderly woman scolded me for bringing him to church without anything on his little feet!

It was August! In Arkansas! I couldn’t imagine that anyone would want anything on their feet, much less a sweet little boy who was struggling to keep cool. But dear Sister Betha Barrett went home from our Sunday School meeting and quickly made him a beautiful little pair of booties. (Wow! She was fast!) When we met later that evening for worship service she gave me these precious booties.

My little boy used them, then passed them on to his baby sister, and she to her baby sister and so on through six little pairs of feet.

One day as I was rummaging through my treasures, I realized that one of the booties had taken a walk and not come back. So this lone little bootie serves as a precious reminder of the love and kindness of an elderly woman and the six pair of sweet little feet that benefited from her love.

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Lorel BoxLorel Box is a mother of six grown children and grandmother of six adorable little boys. She crochets, does woodworking, gardens, keeps chickens, and writes a bi-monthly newspaper column on gospel topics for the “Minister’s Corner” in between caring for the needs of her large family. (She’s sewing yet another wedding dress this month!) She also participates regularly in compassionate community service, serving as the co-chair for the Saline County Holiday Project and coordinating the efforts of 9 congregations for the Festival of Sharing, an ingathering of charitable contributions.

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  1. Such a tender story! I wonder what other random acts of kindness that lady did throughout her life! I also wonder if she realized how much ‘mileage’ her booties were going to get! 😎

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