Crochet Showcase

Welcome once again to the Crochet Showcase, the place where we show everyone the amazing things you have made with your hooks. (Would you like your work to be here? Visit the submission requirements!)

Layette crocheted by Loma Lenore SticklerLayette crocheted by Loma Lenore Stickler “Back in the ‘Olden Days,'” writes Lorel Box, “before you could magically know the sex of your baby before it was born, the wise crocheter would have a layette ready in one of the three ‘safe colors’ – that is, yellow, green, or white.” Loma Lenore Stickler crocheted this beautiful layette for Lorel’s son more than 30 years ago, and it still looks as good as the day she finished it!

9 Petals Flower Doily by Khin Khin from Khin’s Craft Space crocheted this sweet little 9 Petal Doily. You can find the pattern for it – which she designed – here!

Doily Crocheted by Pearl Box This lovely purple and white doily was crocheted by Pearl Box, who gave it as a gift.

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