Clusters Infinity Scarf

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Clusters Infinity Scarf by Claire G.
By Claire G.

Model: Claire G.
Photos: Her sister

I found some super soft yarn and I thought it would be perfect for a cowl. I wanted to make something that resembled puff stitches but didn’t use as much yarn, so I used cluster stitches. This pattern is quite versatile – you can change the starting chain number and add more or less rows. I made mine long enough for an infinity scarf, which can be looped around twice for extra warmth. You could easily change it into a shorter cowl if you wanted. Have fun!

Difficulty: Easy

Finished Size: 51 inches (130 cm) long, 5 inches (12.5 cm) wide


  • Purl Essence Rainbow Classic [100% acrylic, 615 yd/408 m]; Bright Pink; approx. ¼ of a skein or 150 yd. (You can substitute any bulky yarn you like.)
  • L/11 (8.00mm) hook
  • Yarn needle

Gauge: 3 clusters / 4 rows = 2″ square in cluster/linen stitch

Notes: This pattern alternates rows of linen stitch (sc, ch 1, sk 1) and clusters, starting and ending with linen stitch. This makes the clusters stack above each other. You need to know the cluster stitch before you begin.

Special stitches
Cluster: *YO, insert hook into st, YO, pull up a loop. (YO, pull through 2 loops) once. Repeat from * once (3 loops on hook.) YO, pull through 3 loops – cluster made.


Ch 140. (If you want to change the length, ch any even number of stitches.) Join with a sl st to the first chain to form a ring, being careful not to twist the chain.

Rnd 1: Ch 2 (counts as sc, ch 1, for this round only). Sk next ch. *Sc in next ch (under 2 loops of the starting ch), ch 1, sk 1. Repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st ch of starting ch-2.

Rnd 2: Sl st into next ch space. Ch 1 loosely (does not count as a stitch, now and throughout.) Cluster in same space. *Ch 1, sk next sc, cluster in next ch-sp, rep from * around, join with sl st to first cluster, skipping the chain before it.

Rnd 3: Do not chain. Sc in next ch space. *Ch 1, sk next cluster, sc in next ch space, repeat from * around, join with sl st to first sc.

Rnds 4-11: Repeat Rounds 2 & 3, four more times.

You should have 5 rounds of clusters with a round of sc on either end.

Finish off; weave in ends.

About the Designer
Claire G.Claire G. is somewhat obsessed with The Hunger Games, Frozen, and pi, in no order of preference. When not crocheting, she can be found reading, blogging, or spending time with the chickens. You can find me her at

Pattern & images © Claire G. All rights reserved.

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