Where Have All the Stitches Gone?

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Recently, I took a bit of a hiatus from crafting. (I know, I know: “Why would you do that!?”) I really did, though. Towards the end of my pregnancy with our little girl, I grew more and more distracted. I’d never been a mom before, and I was really nervous about it. At first I would spend my days dabbling in one craft project or another. Eventually, crafting gave way to extra-long walks, worries about motherhood, and unsuccessful attempts to jump-start labor. After she was born (overdue, I might add) I just felt too busy. Either it was taking care of the baby or taking care of myself, with some other things (like making dinner for my full-time student of a husband) haphazardly thrown into my day.

It wasn’t until my little girl was almost 3 months old that I dug out yarn and a hook again, and it went spectacularly badly. Each chain stitch was like Bambi’s first steps. My stitches were gappy, uneven, and clumsy. Crocheting is NOT like riding a bike – at least not for me. It took some trial and error. The learning curve for something you already know is never as bad as learning things for the first time: it’s only been a bit more than a month since I got back into it, but I already feel confident again.

It’s odd, though. There’s gaps in my capabilities. I feel as though I should be frustrated with it all, but I’m just pleased to be fitting crafting back into my days. It’s something I really enjoy, especially crocheting. As frantic and tiring as those craft-free months were, it was… somewhat refreshing. Getting back into it now, my perspective is brand-new. I feel like the craft gap might have been the best thing that ever happened to my projects. My style is completely different.

How did this come about? This marvelous, “best thing that ever happened” event? This might sound cheesy, but: motherhood has changed how I see the world. I’ve grown! I manage my time better, prioritize my to-do list, and make things neater, nicer, and sturdier, because I have to. I’m the mom, and I love it.

Feeling like I had no time for hobbies made me appreciate the little things (like taking naps), but there was a certain lack of comfort. It was almost like I went into survival mode with my spare time. I found myself seeing things like showers and making slightly more work-intensive dinners as luxuries. Crocheting just fell by the wayside. It was a bit like fasting. When I finally managed to “dig in” to crafting, I loved it more than ever. It really helps to keep my days sane, when I have just a bit of my very own time. Some moms take spa days, but me? I crochet.

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