Mossy Lattice Cardigan

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Mossy Lattice Cardigan by Bonnie Irene

by Bonnie Irene

Model and Photos: Bonnie Irene

Difficulty: Intermediate

This idea for this cardigan started with a shape: an oval, expanding from the center. The result was a cozy, wearable sweater with unconventional construction. Don’t let the construction scare you off, though! When you get down to it, it’s really very simple.

Size: As written, cardigan fits Women’s XL.


  • Caron Simply Soft [100% Acrylic; 315yd/288m per 6oz/170g skein]; Approx. 2 and 1/4 skeins
  • Red Heart Super Saver [100% Acrylic; 364yd/333m per 7oz/198g skein]; Small amount CC
  • I/9 (5.50mm size) hook

Gauge: 4 (dc + ch-3 sp)/9.5 rows = 4″/10cm in patt.

Mossy Lattice Cardigan by Bonnie Irene


Mossy Lattice Cardigan by Bonnie IreneCardigan

Rnd 1: With Caron Simply Soft, ch 105. Sk 1 st, dc. [Ch 3, sk 2 ch, dc] across to end of the ch. Turn to work in other side of chain. [Ch 3, sk 2 ch, dc] across; join rnd.

Rnds 2-18: [Ch 3, dc around next ch loop] around; join rnd.

Finish off.


Join yarn 14 ch-spaces away from the middle of the end curve. Ch 50. Attach chain 8 ch-spaces away from the base of ch-50 to create armhole. Turn.

Rows 1-28: Dc in first ch. [Ch 3, sk 2 ch, dc] across; turn.
Finish off.

Repeat on opposite side to create second shoulder. Sew each shoulder to back in the front and the back.

sew together 6 stitch units in the front of each armpit.

Sleeves: *Ch 3, sc in next ch-sp. Repeat from * around armhole; join. Repeat for 43 rounds per sleeve (or desired length), finish off.

Belt: With RHSS, ch 200. Turn, ch 1, sc in each ch across. Finish off.

Finishing: Weave in all ends.

Weave the belt through alternate ch loops along the seam under the bust, then wrap around the back of the cardigan (without lacing it through the piece), then as you get back around to the other bust seam, weave it through the ch loops. Be sure the belt is kept from twisting, and that both ends of the belt are level and symmetrical.

About the Designer
Bonnie IreneBonnie Irene is a newlywed stretching her finances through crafting. She likes to crochet, bake, draw, sew, sculpt and weave as well as other things: check out her projects at her blog!

Pattern & images © Bonnie Irene. All rights reserved.

5 responses

  1. This is a fun design, and I love the color you chose. I am assuming that it can be worn without the belt and would like to wear it that way. Have you done so? If so does it drape well? Keep the ideas coming!

  2. The belt really helps to keep it the proper shape, I think, but I don’t see why you couldn’t wear it without. The product is nicely stretchy, so it shapes well to however you wear it. 🙂
    like the color pretty well, myself.

  3. Hi! I love this pattern and I am literally starting it right now. I am a little confused already, in round 1 you said turn to work in other side of the chain. Does that mean to flip it and work in the bottom of the chain? Please help, thanks!

    • Hi Tisha! You are supposed to work down one side of the chain, then turn (sort of around the corner, not regular row-turning) and work stitches into the other side of the chain. This starts a long oval with the starting chain in the middle. Does that help?

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