Magic Ring Tutorial

Crochet by Darleen HopkinsBy Darleen Hopkins

I’ve seen this method called the magic ring, adjustable circle, magic loop and many other similar combinations. Whatever you want to call it, it is a great way to start a hat or any other item that is worked in the round. If you have trouble understanding the method with the photos below, an internet search should yield you many video tutorials.

Magic Ring Tutorial by Darleen Hopkins1) Position yarn with working yarn on top.

2) Insert hook into the ring and pull up a loop.

Magic Ring Tutorial by Darleen Hopkins

Magic Ring Tutorial by Darleen Hopkins3) Secure with a chain stitch.

4) Work the stitches over BOTH stands of the yarn and pull tight with the end strand.

Magic Ring Tutorial by Darleen Hopkins

There! You’re done!

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Darleen HopkinsDarleen Hopkins loves to create silly hats for silly kids of all ages. She lives in beautiful northern Georgia with her husband and two boys who often inspire her designs and serve as her design consultants. Feel free to email her at or you can find her on Facebook and on Ravelry! Enjoy!

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    • Hi, Jennie. Speaking as a left-handed crocheter, if you can’t visualize what to do with these, what you can do is save the photos to your computer and flip them horizontally. Then they should appear correct.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Thank you for this easy tutorial!!! I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to start a magic circle to no avail, then I found this!!! Love it!

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